Services Offered

- Aggregate testing:

Contest conducts aggregate testing that will assist our customers with assessing the characteristics and quality of aggregates for use
in concrete for construction.

These tests are conducted in our well-equipped laboratory by trained, competent staff. Site services may also be arranged for any sampling and testing required.

- Testing of concrete and precast concrete products:

Contest  have the facilities to offer a wide range of tests on hardened concrete, which includes a number of different compressive test methods, flexural and tensile tests on concrete cores, cubes, beams as well as on site testing.

In terms of fresh concrete, we can conduct mix verifications, mix designs and casting of specimens for tests such as shrinkage and AAR.

Site sampling of concrete for testing in our laboratory is another service offered as well as coring for determining  concrete quality, strength and durability.

- Chemical testing:

Tests on water, hardened concrete, mortar and plaster as well as aggregates can be performed by our competent staff when required.

- Investigation of structures and construction  defects:

With our in-depth knowledge of concrete construction and many years of experience, we are able to assist in investigating a wide range of concrete related construction defects. These include -

  • Dusting of surfaces
  • Wearing of concrete paving
  • Cracking
  • Rebar corrosion
  • Cover
  • Fire damage

We also carry out surveys on older buildings to determine the spacing, cover type and size of rebar.

- Specifications:

Method statements / specifications for specialist work such as grouting, high strength concrete, concrete toppings and remedial work can be provided.


The following tests are regularly carried out by our staff in our laboratory;

  • Sieve Analyses
  • Aggregate crushing values (ACV) + 10% FACT
  • Flakiness Index
  • Bulk and Relative Densities
  • Making and curing concrete cubes
  • Compressive strength testing of cubes, cores, bricks, blocks and pavers
  • Tensile splitting tests on pavers
  • Concrete Mix designs and mix verification checks
  • Durability Index testing
  • Flexural Strength testing
  • AAR Testing

On  site testing / surveys:

  • Sampling of test materials
  • Making cubes on site for clients
  • Coring of Concrete
  • BRE Screed testing
  • Schmidt Hammer Surveys
  • Cover Surveys and bar locating
  • Concrete  Condition Surveys
  • Tensile Pull off Testing

All testing is carried out strictly in accordance with the relevant specifications, be it British, American or South African by well-trained staff.

The equipment is regularly calibrated and the laboratory participates in correlation testing with other laboratories.

We have designed and carried out tests for specific problems.

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